BERNS – Artistes Graffeur & Illustrateur

BERNS – Artiste Graffeur sud-américain

Berns is a Street /Graffiti Artist from New Zealand, and now he is living in France, his cultural roots are from Peru and he has used his cultural heritage to infuse into his art that is created for the streets!
He started doing graffiti around the mid 90’s. He played a big role in the Peruvian graffiti scene by selecting a group of his friends to create with them, the DMJC crew in 1999, which is the oldest and active graffiti group from Peru. Also he is a member of the Art collective ARMY OF SNYPERS, and ODV crew from France.
His way of painting is very particular and colorfull based on his Andean roots. He uses the duality concept, where he explores how to build the contrast between the personalities on his characters. And on his letters he fixes two words in the space of one.
His art is about constructing overlaps, forms, shapes and blending effects.
Berns have been spreading his work not only in the streets but in events and galeries, in countries like: Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, chile, Ecuador, Italy, Switzeland, Spain, Germany, France, U.s.a, Belgium, Luxembourg and England.

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